With 2 different franchise packages varying in size, you have the opportunity to decide the rate of growth that is right for you. As your business grows, you can also choose to expand your territory size and increase your earning potential over time.
If you are not satisfied we will give you your money back.
We bought the 3v3 UK Master Franchise from 3v3 Europe in 2020 and broke even after only three months sellings sub-franchises worth £28k.
Mike Melvin, 3v3 UK owner
Franchise offerings
We offer three tire franchise partnership programs with the aim for everyone who is interested in starting a 3v3 based football business can afford to join.
Master Franchise
  • National exclusivity/ 1 country
  • Right to sell sub-franchises / regional
  • Equipment shop
Fee €14999 + 10% annual
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Regional Franchise
  • Regional exclusivity / 1 city or county
  • Right to sell sub-franchises/ local
  • Equipment commissions
Fee €5999 + 10% annual
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Local Franchise
  • Local exclusivity / 1 postcode
  • Right to expand local franchise
  • Equipment discounts
Fee €2999 + 10% annual
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€50-150k. revenue year 1
3v3 pitch football is the most effective training environment for young players
102 touches per player
Every modern football coach knows that ball-touches are key to technical development.
2300 steps per game
3v3 pitch football is intense and all players regardless of skill level are actively involved.
Equipment Packages
The equipment packages are mandatory for franchise partners and varies in size and price according to the three tier levels. Down-payments plans are available.
Master Franchise
  • 8x AirPitches 15x10m. with trolleys
  • 16x BazookaGoals (150x90/200x75)
  • 8x promotion flags color coded.
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Regional Franchise
  • 4x AirPitches 15x10m. with trolleys
  • 8x BazookaGoals (150x90/200x75)
  • 4x promotion flags color coded
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Local Franchise
  • 2x AirPitches 15x10m. with trolleys
  • 4x BazookaGoals (150x90/200x75)
  • 4x promotion flags color coded
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If you are not satisfied we will give you your money back.