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3v3 soccer network
We have been on a mission for the past 15 years to promote
3v3 football to federations, clubs, coaches, and players.
83% ball rolling time
3v3 pitch football is the most effective training environment for young players
102 touches per player
Every modern football coach knows that ball-touches are key to technical development.
2300 steps per game
3v3 pitch football is intense and all players regardless of skill level are actively involved.
The 3v3 Net pitch format really develops the individual's ability on the ball maximizing ball touches in a fun & engaging environment. Our players constantly found themselves in 1v1 scenarios and had to try different opponents. The 3v3 net pitch game format could add more variation to our games program and this would only enhance the development of our foundation phase players.
Richard Brooke , U7-U10 Coach Foundation at Birmingham City FC

What is 3v3 football?

A small-sided training and game format with 3 players on each team and no goal keeper.

What are the benefits of 3v3?
3v3 increases ball-touches, passing, and scoring. The kids learn to be quick on their feet and to keep the ball moving fast. All modern coaches are using this in the daily training for more effective technical development and kids have been playing it in the streets, parks, and gardens since the beginning of the game.
Why do we use mobile fence systems?
3v3 Canada did not "invent the wheel", but we did develop a tool that makes 3v3 game-play more fun, intense and inclusive.
By separating any normal football field into 3v3 pitches, we can fit a large number of players at the same time and keep the ball rolling with a minimum of stops in the game. There is no young (or old) player on the planet who does not enjoy playing inside one of these pitches regardless of skill level, gender, or physical challenge.
The statistics of 3v3 pitch fence football
Our 3v3 tournaments have an average of 492 players in one day, organized on a regular sized 11aside filed. Statistics shows that the ball keeps in play for 83% of the time and the number of player touches on the ball and goals are many times multiplied compared to traditional formats.
492 players
3v3 Canada tournaments have 164 teams and 492 players per event day on average.
410 matches
410 matches are organized per event day, all fitting on one regular sized 11aside field.
1640 goals scored

A whopping 1640 goals are scored on average per 3v3 Canada event day.

Who is 3v3 Canada?
We are the Canadian arm of 3v3 World, the most experienced 3v3 football tournament and equipment suppliers in Europe. Our team consists of professionals with a wide range of expertise from several countries and more than 15 years core experience in 3v3 organization. Included on the team is the worldwide leader of small-sided football training equipment BazookaGoal.
What do we offer?
3v3 Canada offers Franchises, Tournament concepts, and Equipment sales & rental.
3v3 Franchise

We are looking for the right partners to manage and develop the 3v3 Canada football business in all parts of the country. The franchise holder will be responsible setting up and running leagues, following our 3v3 Canada plan for games, leagues, tournaments and sessions for players of all ages. 3v3 Canada offer a turn-key business model which includes everything you need to get started including: Partner training, professional templates, website, funding support, tournament concepts, and shop for equipment sales ad rental.

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Tournament & Event services
3v3 Canada has developed a range of tournament concepts which we currently are rolling out in several markets. These programs are tailormade for Federations, football clubs, foundations, and sponsors with the aim to make a big market impact. We also offer consulting advice for anyone interested in getting involved with 3v3 football.
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Equipment sales & rental
3v3 Canada offers a unique range of 3v3 tournament and training equipment in collaboration with BazookaGoal. Whether you want to organize a local 3v3 tournament or are planning a national or multinational event, we have you covered. Our equipment include three types of mobile pitch fencing, any size foldable BazookaGoal, event flags, tents, medals, and anything else needed.
Equipment Packages
Sponsorship Services
3v3 Canada offer sponsorship services for companies interested in getting involved in 3v3 football in national and multi-national markets.
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